This blog, and all content on it, are completely my own.

My name is Mickey Gousset, and I currently work as a DevOps Architect at GitHub, on the Professional Services FastTrack Team, also known as the DevOps Customer Advisory Team (CAT). My day job consists of helping customers get more “devopsy”, and speaking at events, and spreading DevOps goodness. I’m doing the exact same job that I did while I was at Microsoft, just with a GitHub focus.

There is more to me than that though. I have two incredible daughters, Emma and Meg (#ProudPapa). My current gaming obsessions are Hearthstone (BattleTag: HereBDragons#1325), old-school Halo multiplayer (Xbox Live: HereBDragons) and Minecraft. And my all time-favorite hobby is musical theater, both attending and performing. Here is a recording of one of the hardest shows I’ve done, The Last Five Years. Want to know more about me? Just ask!

Some different ways you can find me: