Hi y’all Wave, I’m Mickey Gousset!

I’m a DevOps Architect on the GitHub FastTrack team. That means my day job is going out and helping people get more “devopsy”, usually with a focus on GitHub, DevOps, and AI.

I also am a content creator, creating content on my blog, Twitch, and YouTube. Most of my content revolves around DevOps, GitHub, and AI, as you might expect.

Check out my organization, https://github.com/mickeygoussetorg, to see all my demo repos and other fun stuff I’m working on. After all, everyone needs a GitHub Action to tell a Dad Joke, right?

And don’t be a stranger! There are all sorts of ways to interact with me, from leaving comments on my posts to various social media options. Reach out! I’d love to hear from you!

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