Slides and Demo Scripts for VSLive 2020 Las Vegas Presentations

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VSLive 2020 Las Vegas

I had the opportunity to speak at the VSLive 2020 - Las Vegas conference on March 1-6, 2020.

A New Hands-On Lab

Brian Randell and I presented a new, all-day, hands-on lab: Better DevOps using GitHub for Open Source and Inner-Source. This was all about how to get started with GitHub, looking at Repos, Issues, Actions, and Packages. Along with learning about how GitHub helps keep you more secure with Dependabot, and a look at the GitHub CLI (currently in beta). Based off attendee feedback it was well-recieved.

Two Full Length Sessions

I also delivered two full-length, 75-minute sessions:

And a Fast Focus on Azure Pipelines

And finally, I delivered a 20-minute Fast Focus - Azure Pipelines Tips and Tricks talk. This one was really fun, as I tried to cram as much information as I could into it.

Overall, I had a great time at the conference, and I was successful at imparting some “DevOps Knowledge” to the attendees.