Hello World, of course!

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Out With The Old

I’ve been blogging (on and off) for almost 15 years now. I started off using blogger.com, blogging about this new product coming out called Visual Studio Team System. Since then, I’ve gone through spurts of blogging every day, to not writing a post for over a year.

I’ve moved from Blogger.com to TeamSystemRocks.com, to ALMRocks.com, and finally to mickeygousset.com. Along the way I’ve used Community Server and Wordpress. For the past several years I’ve used Wordpress on my hosted site. Overall it has worked well, but I’ll admit it had a lot of functionality that I didn’t use, at times it was slow, and at times it was hacked.

Also during this time, I went from being a web developer, to an ALM Consultant at Notion Solutions(now part of Imaginet), to being an IT Pro with Infront Consulting(now part of Green House Data), working with Microsoft System Center and Microsoft Azure.

In With The New

And now I want to restart my blog again. For the past year (wow it has already been a year!), I’ve been working as a DevOps Architect on the Microsoft DevOps Customer Advisory Team, or DevOps CAT. I love my job! I get to help customers become more “devopsy”, and I get to work in depth with Azure DevOps, getting back to one of my main passions, ALM and DevOps. And I want to blog about all the cool stuff I’m learning, and help others learn how they, too, can get more “devopsy”. (I like that word, “devopsy”).

But what I was finding was that I wasn’t. Not to knock Wordpress, but I was just finding it a little cumbersome to work with at this point. Plus the maintenance of it.

And then my good friend and fellow DevOps Architect Anthony Borton made a great suggestion to me: Why not try re-creating your blog using Jekyll. Move to a static-page site, and then you can do some cool things, such as version-control the site, build it, and release it, all using Azure DevOps. I let that idea roll around in my head a while, and it finally took root.

And Here We Are

The first post on my new site. At this point, all I’ve done is just figure out how to get Jekyll working. I’m using the minimal-mistakes theme, as I think I’ll be able to customize this to look how I want it to. I don’t have the code in version control yet, or automatically deploying, but that is coming. And I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with the look and feel of the site, until I get it exactly like I want it.

I’m excited! I think completely starting over with this blog is going to re-energize me to start sharing more, both through the written word, as well as through a new Twitch channel that I’m hoping to start up in a few weeks. And while I suspect a good many posts on this blog will be related to DevOps, I’m sure I’ll sneak in some of my other hobbies as well.

Come on this journey with me!