Azure Pipeline Video Series - Creating Our First YAML Pipeline

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Previously In My Azure Pipelines Video Series

In the previous video in this series, Azure Pipelines - A Primer, I gave an overview of what Azure Pipelines is, and we looked at examples of both classic pipelines and YAML pipelines.

Creating Our First YAML Pipeline

Next up in the series is my video on “Creating Our First YAML Pipeline”. This video will give a brief overview of what YAML is (and no, YAML does not stand for Yet Another Markup Language), and will show how to create a simple starter YAML pipeline in Azure Pipelines. We will build off this pipeline in future episodes.

Keep a watch out for the next video this coming Friday. Until then, please go watch all the videos in the series so far (all two of them), like/dislike, leave comments, whatver you want to do. I appreciate any and all feedback, positive or negative.