New Video Series - Azure Pipelines (with a focus on YAML)

1 minute read

I’m Trying Something New

While I know a good bit about Azure Pipelines, there is always more I could know. I thought about going back to long-form blogging what I learn, but, if I am honest, I don’t find enough time in the day to take screen shots, write the prose, and link it all together coherently. And then I thought: how about videos?

So that’s what I’m going to try and do, a new video series on my YouTube channel documenting my dive into Azure Pipelines. I’m also hoping this will lead to my long-planned but never implemented Azure DevOps Twitch streaming (I haven’t given up on it yet!).

My goal is going to be to publish a new video every Friday, with potential bonus episodes going up on Tuesday, depending on how productive I am. Also, the goal of this video series will be to focus specifically on Azure Pipelines and YAML, so while there will be some Classic pipelines mentioned, in general we are going all YAML, all the time.

My first video is up: What Is Azure Pipelines - A Primer. Please go watch it, like/dislike, leave comments, whatver you want to do. I appreciate any and all feedback, positive or negative.