Welcome to DevOps.fm

imageWell, Brian Randell and I are finally doing a thing.  And that thing is a podcast.  Welcome to DevOps.fm! Yes, Brian and I have started to put together a podcast about all things DevOps, as well as just give us a chance to ramble about our latest tech interests, books we are reading, and honestly, sometimes just catch up with each other. Heck, I’m probably going to talk some Hearthstone as well.

Our first episode, “Let’s Talk About Azure DevOps”, is up right now, and our second episode just got recorded and will be up this week.  The podcast is also available on iTunes, and should be showing up in your other podcast arenas really soon.

I would love for you to give the show a listen, and provide us any feedback you might have.  You can email us at theshow@devops.fm. And you can find us on twitter at @devopsfm.

Oh, and make sure you stick around and listen to the after-show each week!

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