#MyGitJourney – Push My Branch Changes to Online Repo in VSTS

At this point I’m done with the changes I wanted to make to the project, and I want to push these changes to the online repo in VSTS. That way, others could potentially start using them. I’m thinking I’m going to have to do something called a “pull request” somewhere in this process. We shall see.

In Team Explorer, click the Home button to navigate to the Home page, then click the Sync button.

This opens the Sync page.

You can see the message that says my local branch doesn’t have a corresponding branch in the online repo. But I’m guessing I should be able to click Push, and it will push up to the online repo in VSTS and create a branch for me. Click Push.

Looks like that worked.

Now one thing I know is that there are some files on the Master branch that are not in my Feature01 branch. I want to get those files into my branch as well. I’m going to do this by trying to merge changes from one branch to another. Go to the Home page on Team Explorer, click the Branches button.

I can see the Feature01 branch is still the primary branch and checked out. I’m going to right-click on the Feature01 branch and select Merge From.

Select the master branch as the branch to merge from, and Feature01 as the branch to merge to. This allows me to get the latest information from master into Featre01. Click the Merge button.

So it says I’m already up to date. Which I guess makes since, because it is doing this merge with the local repo. I was thinking it would go out to the online and get the latest. I’ll have to rethink this some. But at this point I’ve pushed my branch changes up into their own branch in the online repo in VSTS. Next, I want to figure out how to get the latest code down from the master branch, merge that into my feature branch, then re-push my branch back to VSTS.

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