#LearningVSTS – Let’s Play With My Profile

At the top right of my acmeindustries.visualstudio.com site, I see an icon with my initials in it (JD, for John Doe):

Let’s go see what kind of trouble I can get into here with some of these settings.

My profile

Selecting this takes me to what is obviously a profile page. From here I can create a new VSTS account, create a new team project, and see the team projects I am a member or owner of. I can also edit my profile, which I’m hoping will let me at least add an image to it.

Clicking the Edit profile button takes me, obviously, to the Edit Profile page. Here you can see that I’ve changed my picture using the Choose image button. I can also change my name and contact email, which I’m assuming is used for notifications.

I personally think all team members should add a profile picture and should make sure they have a contact email address that they will use and check.

Selecting the Preferences tab allows me to change things such as time zone and user interface options.

When I click Save changes, it saves the changes and returns me to the default profile page. You can see my updates (i.e., the updated picture in this case).

If I then click on the Acme Bot team project and return to the starting page for it, I can see my icon has changed in the top right:

Notification Settings

Selecting Notification settings takes me to the Notifications page for myself. By default, it looks like I’m signed up for all the notifications that VSTS may send me. I can easily subscribe/unsubscribe by selecting the appropriate toggle. I can also create new subscriptions.


Selecting Usage takes me to the Usage page, which appears to show me what I’ve been doing, filtered to just myself. I’m not sure quite yet what I’ll do with this information, but I’m sure something will come up.

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