#LearningVSTS – Creating My First Visual Studio Team Services Site and Team Project

Back when I first started blogging about and using Visual Studio Team System, my blogging style was to just try using the product and blog about what I found. It wasn’t always best practices or perfect usage, but more like what someone runs into when trying to use the product. I’ve decided to start a new blog post series doing the same thing with Visual Studio Team Services.

To get started, I created a brand new outlook.com account for my user John Doe. I’m sure I’ll be adding more users to the team as I progress, but for now John Doe is all I’ll need.

To get started with VSTS, I need to create myself a xxx.visualstudio.com site. To do this, I navigate to visualstudio.com.

From the main page of the site, I can download copies of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. There is also a section for getting started with Visual Studio Team Services and learning more information about VSTS. I click the Get started for free button. This takes me to a page to login using my Microsoft account. I log in using my new John Doe account, and I’m taken to the following page:

On this page, I need to specify the site where my projects are going to be hosted. The site always ends in visualstudio.com. I can also select the type of version control system I want to use. I decided to go with Git, even though my organization hasn’t really used it before. We will learn as we go.

Just for grins, I decided to click the Change details button. And I’m glad I did.

It wasn’t apparent to me, on the previous screenshot, that it was going to create a team project for me initially. It would have, and it would have done it using Agile, where as we use Scrum. It also would have named the new team project MyFirstProject, which I don’t want. I’m going to make some changes here.

This all looks good. I click the Continue button and it creates the site and my first team project for me. I think it took less than 30 seconds.

It starts me off at the Acme Bot team project overview page with several options available to me. I can navigate to the Overview Dashboard for the team project

I can also click on the icon in the top left and see an overview page for the acmeindustries.visualstudio.com site.

And with that, I’ve created my first site at visualstudio.com and my first team project, Acme Bots!

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