Azure Journey–Azure Dev/Test Labs–Deleting

I’ve been creating several things in my DevTest lab. Let’s see what happens when I delete things.

If we go to my lab, we can see I have two VMs in the lab


Now, every time you create a VM, it creates it in its own resource group.


You might be tempted to just delete the resource group, and you can.  Let’s select the WS2012WithFold resource group and delete it.

Now, if I go back in my lab, look at what I see:


For the machine I deleted the resource group of, it says it can’t find the machine. Which is true.

So what happens if I delete a VM from the Lab blade. I’m going to select the WS2012Formula VM and delete it.  It deletes it from the lab, and removes the resource group as well.


Moral of the story: Delete lab VMs from the Lab blade, do not delete the resource group directly.

    1. Jonathan Pritchard October 19, 2016

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